Abstract Meaning Representation Projects

Tim O’Gorman, Sameer Pradhan, James Gung, Julia Bonn, Katherine Conger and Martha Palmer. “The New Propbank: Aligning Propbank with AMR through POS Unification.” Claire Bonial, Bianca Badarau, Kira Griffitt, Ulf Hermjakob, Kevin Knight, Tim O’Gorman, Martha Palmer and Nathan Schneider. “Abstract Meaning Representation of Constructions: The More We Include, the Better the Representation”

Presentation: O’Gorman, Tim. “Abstract Meaning Representation and FraCas”, invited speaker at 13th Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics,Tachikawa City, Tokyo, Japan, November 13, 2016 Tutorial: Narthan Schneider, Jeff Flanigan, Tim O’Gorman. “The Logic of AMR: Practical, Unified, Graph-Based Sentence Semantics for NLP”, Tutorial at NAACL-HLT, Denver, Colorado. May 31, 2015

Event And Temporal Corpora

Tim O’Gorman, Kristin Wright-Bettner, and Martha Palmer. “Richer Event Description: Integrating event coreference with temporal, causal and bridging annotation.” In Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Computing News Storylines (CNS 2016), pp. 47-56. 2016.

Rei Ikuta, Will Styler, Mariah Hamang, Tim O’Gorman and Martha Palmer (2014) Challenges of Adding Causation to Richer Event Descriptions, In proceedings of the 2nd Events Workshop, held in conjunction with ACL 2014, Baltimore, MD.